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Blessy Export was established in 2015 with an objective of delivering best-in-class Quality,
Price and Customer centric approach. Our comprehensive range of quality products includes Coconut, Fresh Vegetables, Pulses and Turmeric. We are recognized as the registered member of Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Coconut Development Board (CDB) and Spices Board India. We are closely associated with our Farmer Associates to ensure products are of the very best quality. We insist that our products are raw or have gone through minimal processing, so the vital minerals and vitamins are still present.



Our Mission is to bring you natural healthy living through our health-packed product range that are raw, natural or organic. We are intended to add value for our customers by fulfilling the needs to achieve their desired level of Quality to protect their brands and enable their success in the Global market place. We value our customers as business partners and so we treat their goals and objectives as our own.
We dream of a world in where Natural food Products are exported to every corner of the World.


We are the Exporter of Farm Fresh Coconut, Pulses, Turmeric and large varieties of Country Vegetables such as tomato, onion, brinjal, ladies finger, drum sticks and Hilltop Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, potato, beans, carrot, beetroots which are grown in hill areas with good farming practices. We encourage our Farmer Associates to produce zero pesticide vegetables in order to retain the natural medicinal properties of the vegetables and so our vegetables are safe to consume to gain the maximum level of health benefits in a natural way.


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